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Our Product list / Services

We offer an absolute range of software services, which includes standard and custom enterprise-critical,

state-of-the-art solutions for commercial, academic, medical and service areas.

PEACE Solutions provides conventional businesses with automated, computerized and real-time data compilation tools. We also provide consulting services by helping companies recognize opportunities for using technology to streamline their business processes. We unleash the power of web for our clients and use latest technologies, which are not frequently used in the industry. We are also into training facilities for organizations to upgrade their human resource.

Software Development (MIS/Financials) ERP Solutions Development
Web Portal Development e-Commerce Site Development
Human Resource Training Training for Customized Software
Feasibility Preparation HR / Management Training
TQM implementation Network Establishment
GIS Development Hardware / Mobile Interfacing
Fixed Asset Register Account System Singlr/Multiple Users
Inventory Management (For Trading & Manufacturing both) Production System
Inventory Management Pay Roll
H R System Quality Assurance
ERP Application Portfolio Website
Bussiness Portal Website E-Commerce Website
Logo Design  Web Designing
Web Development Web Online Software Development

Web Applications

Online Managment System


Services in Future Extension Plan: We follow TQC model for testing and use ISO9000 and CMM standards as a guideline. Soon we are applying for ISO9000 and CMM Level.